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About Me


A Woman-of-God, inspiring others to let their FaithWalk. An Entrepreneur, founder of 'My FaithWalks', single-mom and a Paralegal. I've gone though hundreds of failures and complicated situations. Keeping your faith through hard times is a struggle but relying on your faith through the hard times is priceless.


Our mission is to provide high-quality products that will inspire someone out there to be courageous, fearless and takes the bold step of faith to accomplish desired goals.

How I Started:

   In 2014 I started an inspirational brand, My FaithWalks. I let my faithwalk me through times that I didn’t know I would survived. As a single-mom and a recent divorcee I kept my faith when I decided to relocate to another state with no place to live and only $500 in my account. I didn’t know anyone but I had kept my faith that everything was going to work out for me. I had moved to Cincinnati in March 2014 on a Saturday and had stayed in a motel for that weekend. I had purchased a newspaper that Sunday and made two phone calls to see an apartment for that following Monday. Throughout that weekend I had kept my faith. Instead of being scared because I was alone or being worried because I didn’t have a place to call my own, I took that time to catch up on some sleep and just relax. Being a mother, especially a single mom, you always feel as if your life has to be in order in order for you to be a good mom. I wanted more and wanted to be able to provide for my son. So I thought that the best thing for us at that moment was to relocate, starting over and finding better opportunities. After meeting the landlord, Mrs. Brown, that following Monday to look at the first apartment she ended up leasing me the apartment. It was like she had knew my situation before I had the time to tell her anything. She took only $400 from me, gave me the lease to sign, kept the utilities on in her name for me and told me to ‘take my time getting on my feet’. Two-weeks after that day I had got offered a better job opportunity. Looking back at my situation I always wonder what would had happened if I didn’t took the leap of faith and let my faithwalk me through it. This is why I tell my story because without my faith I wouldn’t had made it this far nor be able to help inspire those who lack faith. Having Faith is a struggle but living without faith only makes life harder. We all go through things in life but while we go through them why not keep our faith. Regardless of what we go through in life, a little bit of faith could go a long way.

 'Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen'.

Hebrews 11:1

Our Mission

FaithWalks primary mission is to help conquer inner fear, restore lost hope, and build confidence to walk in God's faith through our unique brand. To encourage someone, somewhere step of the crowds and walk in God's faith in order to achieve set goals.

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